Quiz Number 45 - Answers

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1.    Which building method was patented by Francois Hennebique in 1892? - The use of reinforced concrete.

2.    Which THREE bank holidays were introduced as a result of the Bank Holiday Act of 1871? - Christmas, Easter and Whitsun.

3.    Who was the compere for the first UK National Lottery draw in 1994? - Noel Edmonds.

4.    Which country is Peroni beer brewed? - Italy.

5.    Which song containing the word “AMERICA” were Top 10 hits for the following artists, [a] Supertramp (1979), [b] Kim Wilde (1981), [c] Madonna (2000), [d] Jakatta (2001) and [e] Estelle (2008)?- [a] “Breakfast in America” reached no.9, [b] “Kids in America” no. 2, [c] “American Pie” no. 1, [d] “American Dream” no. 3 and [e] “American Boy” no.1.

6.    On which island is explorer Ernest Shackleton buried? - South Georgia.

7.    From which part of a pig are Bath Chaps made? – The Cheeks.

8.    What was the name of the rabbit in Disney’s “Bambi”? - Thumper.

9.    The Welsh Grand National could not be run at its usual course of Chepstow in 1994 due to frost, at which English racecourse did the race take place?- Newbury.

10. In Biology what are the SIX kingdoms that all living organisms are classified? - Archaebacteria, Eubacteria, Protista, Fungi, Plantae and Animalia.

11. For which group of workers is Saint Dorothy the patron saint? - Florists and Gardeners.

12. Which canal was completed in 1869? - The Suez Canal.

13. How many of the Apollo missions resulted in successful moon landings? - Six [Apollo 11 to Apollo 17}.

14. What are the last FIVE books of the Bible?- 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, Jude and Revelations.

15. Known as With Holding Tax in the USA and other countries, by what name is this taxation method known in the UK?- PAYE [Pay As You Earn].

16. Which planet rotates in the opposite direction than Earth? - Venus.

17. Which FOUR countries share a land border with GUATEMALA? - Belize, El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico.

18. Who played the part of Lt. John Dunbar in the Oscar winning film “Dances With Wolves”? - Kevin Costner.

19. What are the FIVE lands that feature in Disneyland Paris? - Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Discoveryland and Main Street USA.

20. Which TWO countries’ parliaments hold an annual ski race? - Switzerland and the UK.


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