Christmas Food and Drink - Answers

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  1. What alcoholic sauce is usually served with Christmas pudding ?- Brandy Sauce.

  2. Often served at Christmas, what name is given to chipolatas wrapped in bacon ?- Pigs in blankets.

  3. Meaning literally Christ's Bread, from which European country does Christopsomo originate ? - Greece.

  4. What is the alcoholic ingredient in a Snowball cocktail ?- Advocaat.

  5. Where would you be if your Christmas dinner consisted of rice and peas, chicken, oxtail and goat curry ? - Jamaica.

  6. Who created a Christmas pudding for Waitrose in 2010 with a whole orange inside ? - Heston Blumenthal.

  7. With turkey being practically unknown in which Asian country has KFC become the Christmas treat ?- Japan.

  8. From which vegetable was Frosty the Snowman's nose made from ?- A Carrot.

  9. The French call it “Buche de Noel”, by what name do we know this Christmas dessert ?- A Yule log.

  10. Which fish is popular as a Christmas dish in Eastern Europe ? - Carp.

  11. What in Germany is Lebkuchen, which is traditionally served in the Christmas season ?- A Christmas biscuit similar to gingerbread.

  12. What spice is usually used to flavour egg-nog ? - Cinnamon.

  13. What shape is the Belgium sweet bread COUGNON said to represent ? - The Baby Jesus.

  14. What should be eaten on each of the twelve days of Christmas to bring good luck ? - A Mince Pie.

  15. Of what is a Norfolk Black a variety ? - A Turkey.

  16. Traditionally what is hidden inside a rice pudding at Christmas in Sweden ?- An Almond.

  17. In which area of France would the Christmas meal be finished with Thirteen desserts to represent Jesus and the 12 disciples ? - Provence.

  18. A favourite for Christmas dinner, by what name do we know the vegetable Brassica oleracea ? - Brussels Sprouts.

  19. What would you expect to find in the centre of a STOLLEN ?- Marzipan.

  20. What in the UK was traditionally mixed into the Christmas Pudding to bring good luck to the recipient ?- A Coin [my mum always used silver 3d pieces and latterly 6d pieces – old money, of course!!].



+1 #3 ol 2012-12-27 09:07
+1 #2 John 2012-12-25 23:00
Agree comment re snowman, but otherwise you made a very enjoyable Christmas evening for us. Many thanks. JKG
+1 #1 Phil 2012-12-10 07:25
From all my research Frosty had a button nose, with a corn cob pipe and 2 eyes made from lumps of coal. The carrot nose seems familiar but I can find no reference to it?
In your Christmas Quiz #3 you say it was a button now I am confused.
Please help

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